Special Spirit Power, War Spirit Power, Thunder Power and Chain Lightning was unique to the Dungeness people. The S'Klallams would display this power in the manner that they entered a village for a potlatch or gathering.

From the Dance Plaza House Post Carvings - Dale Faulstich, Lead Carver and Designer.
Assistant Carvers: Nathan Gillis and  Ed Charles.  Volunteer carvers:  Harry Burlingone and Don Walsh.

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Longhouse Market & Deli
Grand Opening

Updated May 2008

The groundbreaking for the Longhouse Market and Deli took place on May 12, 2007. Construction began in August for the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe's Longhouse Market and Deli, located at the former site of Dicky Bird's Tavern in Blyn.

The project was completed May of 2008.

The Longhouse Market and Deli is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The market will feature fresh produce and seafood in season, a walk-in cigar humidor and tobacco shop, Raven Wine and Spirits shop and the Harvest Deli in addition to traditional groceries.

The 11,000 square foot store will reflect the Jamestown aesthetic seen throughout the Tribal campus in Blyn.  Three new totem poles were carved by Tribal artist Dale Faulstich and his crew, for the front of the building.  Inside, natural wood with copper accents, satin black shelving and stone countertops promise a sleek sophisticated feel. 

Many months of negotiations have successfully resulted in an agreement to include a 6-dispenser Chevron fuel station to the west of the store, with signage toned down to keep the Native American theme as the focus.  The Tribe also hopes to become one of the first stations on the Olympic Peninsula to sell bio-diesel.

Randy Lemon, store manager spoke with members of homeowner’s associations in nearby Diamond Point, to help ascertain what products local residents would like to find in the store, Lemon welcomes any and all suggestions for inventory items for the store—from community members, staff, Tribal citizens—anyone who would like to help determine what stock the store carries. Contact him by email with comments. Job applications are also being accepted.

Pat Adams Performing the Blessing

Jerry Allen & Ron Allen

Tom Lowe

Don Ellis, Elaine Grinnell

Photos by Linda Ruffcorn & Betty Oppenheimer

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