Sonny Lehman has volunteered “above and beyond.” He feels in his heart he is a Jamestown and has a large extended family. His mission and compassion has been to volunteer for Jamestown. You can say he has gone further than anyone could expect. Sonny has been volunteering since 1986, starting with the annual picnic. He can remember an elder who traveled from California with her son each year to volunteer. He felt at that time that this was also his purpose. Sonny would be at the Tribe early in the morning and the last to leave. He was always down at the pit to watch them prepare the fish, he learned well from Les Prince and Elaine Grinnell. After everyone left he was the dishwasher. When people jumped ship he was still there greeting everyone with a smile and washing dishes until the last one was done. He then would empty the trash.

Sonny’s impact is to the people he volunteers with and the people he meets. He always does it with a smile, and has a great story to tell about his days of driving log truck, fishing, and hunting. For the Elders Honoring Luncheon Sonny would clean, prep, prepare and fry the geoduck. The day before he would pick up the crab, cook, and clean them to make sure they were ready to eat. After the honoring he was back in the kitchen helping clean up and washing dishes.