Dungeness River Nature Center Bridge Extension and Levee Removal Project

TEPA 2022-01

TEPA documents have been submitted for a project to extend Railroad Bridge all the way to the new Dungeness River Nature Center and restore the floodplain at Railroad Bridge park. Floodplain restoration activities include removing the old levee to the south of the bridge and removing the parking lot and access road to the north. Project benefits include: Restoration of important and productive salmon habitat; Long term reduction of flood hazards for Dungeness River Nature Center and ODT; Provide a world-class learning opportunity on the importance of floodplain restoration; Improved accessibility for the Olympic Discovery Trail. Comments must be submitted by 06/06/2022. The TEPA checklist and supplemental material are located on Tribal SharePoint in “TEPA Documents” or copies can be provided by the Tribal Planner.

For more project information or to submit a comment please contact the Planning Office (360) 681-4669 or email lstrong@jamestowntribe.org