Gregory David Prince conceived the official crest of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe. Gregory is an enrolled Tribal citizen and direct descendant of the original inhabitants of the Northwest coastal region.

The crest is composed of two symbols that have endured with time as totems of the S’Klallam people. The two figures have been melded together:

The Eagle is free; he is strong; he is powerful; he is silent; he is one with the Earth. For the Jamestown people, he is the enduring vision of the past and the future.

The Salmon is life; he is continuance; he is perpetual adaptation; he is the pulse of the Earth. For the Jamestown people, he is a physical link to their heritage.

If the Eagle and the Salmon disappear, the world will be a sadder place. A void will be opened that can never be filled.

The S’Klallam are a strong people; they are a proud people; they are time eternal; they live and grow as one with the land. At times unseen, but always present, their place is home to the Eagle and Salmon. Since time began, the S’Klallam people have been here, and when they are gone, they will still be here in Spirit.

The strength of the Eagle has held the S’Klallam together as a people; the Salmon is the catalyst that brought them closer together, a way for the people to maintain a continuance, a hold on their identity, a gathering sign, cause for celebration, a means of survival, a physical link to their heritage. The S’Klallam hope for our World that the Eagle and Salmon survive—let them be strong, let them relish their place. Let the Spirit scheme endure.

Greg Prince is the son of Les Prince, the son of Oliver “Buck” Prince, the son of David Prince, the son of the Prince of Wales, the son of the Duke of York (Chief Chetzemoka).