Social & Community Services

Social & Community Services


“The Jamestown S’Klallam seeks to be self sufficient and to provide quality governmental programs and services to address the unique social, cultural, natural resource and economic needs of our people. These programs and services must be managed while preserving, restoring and sustaining our Indian heritage and ensuring community continuity.”


Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
Social & Community Services Department
1033 Old Blyn Hwy | Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: 360-683-1109

Over the years the Jamestown Tribe has developed many health programs designed to meet the needs of tribal citizens with an overall goal of improving the health status of the Tribal population.

Department Staff

Rob Welch – Director of Social & Community Services; 360-582-4868

Loni Grinnell-Greninger – Deputy Director of Social & Community Services; 360-681-4660

Social Services Grants and Planning
Linda Brenner – Planner & Grant Writer; 360-681-4613

Housing Program
Ann Jagger – Housing Manager; 360-681-3411
Kayla Holden – Housing Program Assistant; 360-681-4635

Family Services Programs
Dustin Brenske – Family Services manager, Behavioral Health; 360-681-4612
Maya Dizack – Client Services Navigator; 360-681-4606
Dru Froggett – DV/SA Child Advocate; 360-681-5601
Jessica Humphries – Children, Youth, and Teen Program Coordinator; 360-681-5602
Cindy Sylvester & Stephanie Adams – Children’s Program Assistants
Robin Hall –Title VI Education Advocate
Eric Greninger – Case Manager & Coordinator/Youth & Teens Program Assistant II; 360-681-4625

Assistance Programs
Colleen Studinarz – Administrative Supervisor; 360-582-5785
Janet Giammalva– Elders Meals Coordinator
Susan Adams – Elders Meals Culinary Assistant

PENDING—Elder Outreach Partner

Morgan Snell – Higher Education, Career & Professional Development Coordinator; 360-681-4626
Christine Kiehl – Economic Services Case Manager; 360-681-4636
Tanya Pankowski – Indian Child Welfare Case Worker; 360-681-4639

Cultural Programs
Lisa Barrell – Cultural Programs Supervisor; 360-681-3418
Mack Grinnell –Traditional Foods Program Coordinator; 360-681-3408
Emma Brownell – Traditional Foods Program Assistant

PENDING – Culture Coordinator

Jamestown Enrollment
Kayla Holden – Enrollment Officer; 360-681-4635


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Youth Center
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