Mel Melmed has volunteered “above and  beyond.” She has always been very connected to the Tribal community in any volunteer capacity needed.  She has spent countless hours  volunteering to cook and work in the kitchen for various Tribal events, along with her husband Steve who often acts as her helpmate, as a chef.  Together, they have time after time prepared large quantities of food and assisted in whatever way asked for these events.
Mel participated in Tribal Canoe Journeys when she was previously employed by the Tribe in the early 2000’s and during the last three years while she has been working with the Tribe she has consistently been one of our dedicated volunteers.  Mel’s kindness and compassion, plus her nursing skills, have proven invaluable during the journeys.  She is able to guide, encourage and even push people to realize their potential and her dedication and perseverance are contagious.  She has been an inspiration and has developed a special relationship with our Tribal staff and Citizens.
As a Social and Community Services contractor she has built trust and friendships between staff and our Tribal community.  Her relationships with the Tribal community are very important and she does a great job of nurturing them for everyone’s benefit.
In her work on the ANA grant,she brought many people into new roles on the Community Network Assessment Committee by being a welcoming presence and by personally inviting and nurturing people’s participation. Part of this work was done through her constant visibility as a volunteer. She has made it a goal to reach out to as many citizens as she can both locally and out of area.
The Tribe deeply appreciate s all her sincere work, dedication and commitments to our community and families.