Paul Bowlby was chosen Volunteer of the Year for being part of the canoe journey for over 10 years. He has volunteered as skipper for the past six years which means he drives from his home in Clallam Bay 15-20 times per year, spends 4-5 hrs. with the canoe family each trip, loads the canoe, guides the pullers on safety and protocol, returns the canoe, washes it off after each practice, and spends a solid 2 weeks 24/7 with the canoe family during the journey… and he remains positive and friendly all the while.

Paul stepped up when the Tribe didn’t have a skipper, otherwise the Tribe wouldn’t have been able to participate in the journey. He’s able to identify strengths and weaknesses of each of the pullers and pushes them to their potential. He’s a good representation for Jamestown and he’s proud that he is a descendant.