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Natural Resources

Natural Resources


“The mission of the Natural Resources Department is to protect treaty rights of the natural resources of the Point No Point Treaty area for the benefit of Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal members and future descendants. In this capacity; the Department is charged with ensuring the orderly harvest of fish, shellfish and wildlife resources, providing opportunities for Tribal members to derive subsistence and/or livelihood from the harvest of these resources, increasing opportunity through restoration, enhancement and scientific study, and reversing the decline of these resources resulting from environmental degradation. “


Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
Natural Resources Department
1033 Old Blyn Hwy | Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: 360-681-4624
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Natural Resources

Hansi Hals – Director

Environmental Planning

Robert Knapp – Environmental Planning Program Manager
Lori DeLorm – Natural Resources Technician
Pam Edens – GIS/Data Management Specialist
Neil Harrington – Environmental Biologist
Shawn Hines – Watershed Planner
LaTrisha Suggs – Restoration Planner

Habitat Program

Randy Johnson – Habitat Program Manager
Steve Irish – Natural Resources Technician
Hilton Turnbull – Forest and Fish Biologist


Kelly Toy – Shellfish Management Program Manager
Aaron Brooks – Fisheries Management Biologist
Chris Burns – Natural Resources Technician
Jarrett Burns – Fisheries Technician
Liz Tobin – Shellfish Biologist
Amber Almond – Program Assistant/Court Clerk


Fish and Wildlife Enforcement

Rory Kallappa – Lead Enforcement Officer
Jason Robbins – Enforcement Officer
Patrick Carter – Enforcement Officer


Prioritizing Flood-Risk Reduction on the Dungeness River Delta

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Jimmycomelately Creek & Estuary Restoration

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Drift Cell Conservation

Reports Dungeness Drift Cell Conservation Strategy July 2016 (full report including all appendices, 151MB) Dungeness Drift Cell Conservation Strategy July 2016 (no appendices) Appendix A – Parcels Prioritized by Geophysical...Read More

Brownfields Tribal Property Response Program

Environmental Stewardship on Tribal Lands Do you have any concerns about environmental hazards on Tribal property?  Are you aware of any activity or condition on Tribal property that could pose...Read More

Dungeness River Plans & Reports

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Climate Change

Our climate is changing and we must prepare for these impacts. The Jamestown S’Klallam climate vulnerability assessment and adaptation plan identified key tribal resources, the expected impacts from climate change,...Read More

Environmental Planning

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Habitat Restoration & Enhancement

Habitat Protection, Research, and Restoration The Habitat Program is charged with protecting healthy and functional nearshore, estuarine, and river habitat, restoring those areas that are degraded, and doing research to...Read More

Dungeness Bay Shellfish Management

The Jamestown Shellfish Program is primarily responsible for the harvest management of shellfish resources, which include clams, geoduck, crab, shrimp and other species. In addition to maintaining records of all...Read More

Key Partnerships

The Tribe takes an active role in community environmental projects. We participate in the Dungeness River Management Team and implement habitat restoration and water conservation projects. The Tribe has developed a public park and natural history interpretive center along the Dungeness River in partnership with the Rainshadow Natural Science Foundation and the National Audubon Society.