Mike Lowe was chosen Volunteer of the Year for showing selfless generosity by volunteering significant time and talent in service to the Tribe.
For the Tribe, Mike Lowe isn’t hesitant to give back to its programs and Elders. Whenever there are library events, he is sure to be the one to prepare baked goods for all to enjoy. He also helps with Elders Gathering fundraising, cleaning and set-up. Whenever transportation is needed, Lowe’s van is ready with him behind the wheel. He’s also sure to make sure those he knows who needs help are checked on, and assists them with food collecting and picking up prescriptions whenever needed.
“I just have the need to give back what was given to me,” Lowe said. “I couldn’t imagine myself doing nothing. I’ve been a people person, taking care of people all my life. I just didn’t want that to stop.”
“If there is anything that needs to be done, I’m there. It’s just a part of me.”
While not volunteering his time and energy, Lowe can be found at many Tribal get-togethers. He is just one of many at the weekly Elders beading sessions each Tuesday at the Elders Lounge, as well as gift making on Thursdays. Lowe has also been keeping himself busy at Klallam language classes, cooking classes, cedar and sweet grass gatherings, clam digging, making jewelry and baskets, and singing and drumming lessons with the Jamestown Singers.
Lowe was on the ground floor of the Welcoming Group, a committee dedicated to re-introducing S’Klallam citizens who move back into the service area. They are charged with connecting any applicable resources to these citizens, giving tours of Tribal facilities if wanted and putting together welcoming baskets filled with literature and S’Klallam gifts.
Talking to those who have an interest in getting more involved on a volunteer basis, Lowe invited them to reach out to him to get them out and helping whenever there is an opportunity.
“Getting involved and finding out what has been going on with our Tribe has been really cool because I have a lot more respect for what people are doing in their jobs,” Lowe said. “I’m so proud of our Tribe. I’ve come full circle,” Lowe said with a smile.