Our Mission

“Our mission is to effectively and efficiently oversee the Tribal administrative structure based on the overall goals and objectives established by the Tribal Council.”

The Department of Administration provides a wide variety of management service to the Tribal staff as well as administering several service programs which directly benefit our Tribal citizens. Administration includes Operations, Facilities, Building Division, Transportation as well as Enforcement and the Tribal Historic Preservation Office.

Jessica Payne – Chief Operating Officer
Kim Kettel – Executive Assistant
Betty Oppenheimer – Communications Specialist
Jackie Johnson – Tribal Communications and Publications Specialist
Luke Strong-Cvetich –  Tribal Planning Director

Tribal Historic Preservation Office
Allie R. Taylor – Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Jimmy Hall – Digitization Technician

Bonnie Roos – Librarian
Brandon Taft – Digitization Technician

Building & Construction
Building & Construction oversees Tribal construction projects providing permitting, regulations and project management services.
Kirk Nelson – Construction Manager
Jeanette Camp – Construction Manger
Shawn Gallacci – Construction Superintendent
Karl Ziegenbein – Construction Contract Administrator
David Wegener – Construction Project Coordinator
Josh Carver – Construction  Assistant and Laborer

The Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) is a funding source which helps to meet the need for Tribal road construction and maintenance.
Wendy Clark-Getzin – Transportation Program Manager

Brandon Kettel – Facilities Manager
IIan Jones – Water, Wastewater Operations Supervisor
Ricky Talbot – Water & Wastewater Operations Asst.
Ricky Alderson – Water & Wastewater Operations Asst.
Dean Owen – Maintenance Utility Technician II
Gerald Lane – Maintenance Utility Technician Asst.
Darryle Adams – Maintenance Utility Technician I
Matthew Adams – Facilities Support Worker IV
David Matson – Blyn Custodial Maintenance III
Gabe Kessler – Blyn Custodial Maintenance I
Perry Keeling – Blyn Custodial Maintenance II
Tracy Dunlap – Blyn Custodial Maintenance II

Bud Turner – Woodcarver, Artisan & Signage Manager
Timothy O’Connell – Woodcarver, Artisan I