A Parcel Scale Analysis

The coastal fringe of the Dungeness River delta on the Strait of Juan de Fuca is characterized by high value habitat that is important to salmon, Dungeness crab and other species. However, habitat degradation due to shoreline armoring and water quality impairment is a concern for the Dungeness River delta. The delta’s low-lying shoreline is also particularly vulnerable to coastal flooding and sea level rise. To support restoration and flood risk mitigation outreach efforts focused on shoreline parcel-owners, we undertook a parcel-scale multiple-benefits analysis of the Dungeness River delta shoreline. This assessment presents a methodology for assessing both flood risk and impacts to ecosystem services at the scale of individual parcels, and also presents an overall multiple benefits ranking of parcels within the study area, which we call an “Outreach Opportunity” score. The outreach opportunity score and associated ranks are intended to provide guidance to individuals and entities seeking to implement projections on the Dungeness River delta that will maximize the reduction of flood risk and optimize the restoration of ecosystem services. The data-sets compiled for the project are also included as supplemental material to facilitate customized re-analyses by other interested entities.

Full Report
Parcel Assessment Geodatabase
Parcel Assessment Data (Excel File)


Adaptive Capacity
Built Environmental Risk
Built Environment Vulnerability
Ecosystem Sensitivity
Outreach Opportunity
Restoration Opportunity

Ian Miller, Washington Sea Grant
Emily Mastrianni, Emily Mastrianni Consulting
Prepared in collaboration with Hansi Hals and Robert Knapp,
Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe